Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine – A New Generation of Tube Machine

The latest addition to the range of polishers in Japan is the Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine. It is an innovative product manufactured by Tsubame Corporation. It is essentially a polisher designed for use in the Tsubame Automatic Coating Measurement System. It has been designed to work in high pressure conditions and also in high temperatures. This is because it is engineered with a one-stage automatic feeder system, in order to give you instant results when polishing any type of material.

Tube Polishing Machine

You must know that the Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine is equipped with both variable and continuous speed controls. The continuous speed control is useful in working on larger diameter steel pipes such as those used for heating and cooling applications. The variable speed machine is used for fine polishing of small round tube stainless steel pipes. The high capacity of this machine allows it to polish even the most delicate parts. It is operated on 110 voltage AC which ensures quick and safe power transfer.

The Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine comes with stainless steel capsules that are made of mercury. These capsules have been specifically chosen by the manufacturer in order to increase the strength of the finished product. The Tsubame tube polishing machine is equipped with two types of blowers. The first one operates at low speed, while the second one operates at very high speed in order to polish extremely hard materials like the stainless steel pipes.

The Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine is available in various shapes and sizes. You can easily locate one that fits your requirement. The largest variant of this machine available is the metre long cylindrical machine. The other variants include those that are available in the form of bags, manual push button machines, automatic machines and even portable ones. The latest models of this stainless steel tube machine available have a lifetime warranty.

The Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine from Heeda has an easy user-interface along with an automated function that features a random repeat cycle. The random repeat cycle allows the users to polish and then give it a final polish before packing it for shipping. The manufacturers have ensured that the latest version of this product includes an automatic power-saving mode. The machine comes with a minimum order quantity 1 unit for the customer.

This Tsubame Tube Polishing Machine is priced at Rs 1.4 lakh and is suitable for home usage. The company ships the unit within 2 months after you place the order. You can easily find the online dealers selling this product through an internet search. The latest model of this machine will be delivered to you at your doorstep within 2 month after you place the order.