Understanding Various Types Of Pipe Forming Machines

Pipe Forming Machine

Understanding Various Types Of Pipe Forming Machines

A pipe forming machine can do wonders. The ability to shape pipes is a skill that not many people have so it is nice to have a machine to do it for us. There are many types of machines out there but the most common is the straight-line cutter or the rotary cutter. These machines cut and form pipes in various shapes and sizes. You can buy them new or even used and both work well.

One of the most common types of machines used for pipe shaping is the flat-line cutter or the flying saw. This machine cuts through both round and square tubes. They also can cut through taper and straight tubing. The difference between a plane and a flying saw is that the plane cuts in a curved line while the flying saw cuts in a straight line. This is one of the most popular machines that welders use.

Another common machine unit for pipe shaping is the stamping and flaring machine unit. This machine unit uses a drum or a plate to flatten the tube that is fed into the machine unit. On one end of the plate, the tube has holes that are drilled. Then it will go into a press where it is flattened using a hydraulic arm. The plate then is pushed into the hole and the plate is lifted up again and fed into the machine unit where it is hammered and hardened. It then goes back into the pipe for cutting again.

Other pipe forming machine units are the cupping die and the clamping die. The cupping die has a curved wire looped around the inside of the tube. The pipe is fed into the loop and then the thin metal blade will come down and clean out the excess dirt from the wire loop. Next the clamps around the outside of the tube and the blades get stuck inside the clamps and are pressed down. After this the blades retract and the tubing gets pushed out of the machine unit.

A third type of pipe forming machine is the tube end forming machine. This type has a steel cup forming a circle in the tubing. The steel cup will be fed into the machine unit and the tube will be spun at very high speeds and will make the circular shape of the cup. The third type of machine is the pipe sealing die where the steel clamp holds the tube end in place and a sealing agent presses it into the pipe.

There are other types of machines such as the pipe roller and the pipe slitting die. Both of these machines are used for different pipe works. The pipe roller works with the application of a roller on the pipe side length and another roller on the wall thickness to make the thickness to the applied ratio. The pipe slitting machine will cut strips of the wall thickness by pressing the blade into the wall thickness. In addition, this machine is also used to cut the tube end.