What is a Double-Sided Grinder?

Doublesided Grinder

What is a Double-Sided Grinder?

A double-sided grinder is an automated grinding machine consisting of two rotating faces that rotate clockwise and an opposite rotating face that rotates counterclockwise. The first rotating circular face is typically referred to as an offset face. The other rotating circular face is called a variable face, which has an auger assembly for rotating or milling accessories, and possibly handgrips extending over the workpiece, as well.

It is not feasible to place a single-sided or double-sided grinder on a workpiece without some type of support. Most grinding mechanisms use some sort of clamp system that keeps the grinding wheel firmly attached to the workpiece even after it has been turned. Some grinder systems will also have additional features such as a safety mode. In this mode the grinder will stop and remain stationary, in the same position each time the arm is rotated.

There are several different types of grinders. Grinding machines can be manual or automatic. An automatic machine is easier to operate than a manual one. However, both types of grinders can be used simultaneously. The advantage of having two different types of grinders is that users can grind in different directions by separating the grinding operation between the two machines.

A two-sided grinder consists of two rotating faces and two augers. This type of grinder typically has a larger and heavier plate. Large plate units can be found in industrial applications that grind metal. The smaller chisel type units are used for fine work. The two faces of the double-sided grinder face are attached to a spindle. Spindle units are similar to the lathe in size, but they have a smaller housing and a number of cutting surfaces.

Grinding machines with two-sided grinders are commonly seen in workshops. The larger grinders are able to grind heavier materials than those with one-sided designs. These units may have larger and heavier grinding wheels than the single-sided versions. These larger grinders are also more complex and require special tools for use. Many two-sided grinders have the ability to adjust their grinding speeds and axes.

There are many types of grinders. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Grinding machines can be used to create a variety of results, including polishing, cutting, sanding, drilling, honing, etc. The type of material being ground is important when purchasing a unit. For example, metal and steel grinders are best used for abrasive applications because they are less expensive and can produce high accuracy results. A diamond-tipped grinding stone can be used for roughening or finishing metal, while a ceramic tile cutter will create a level surface.