Motorized Spindles

The latest advancements in the automotive industry have led to a rise in the demand for new and advanced automated tool actuators such as the Motorized Spindles. Motorized Spindles Support for Multiple Industries With a compact, lightweight high-performance motor, high-speed actuator, compensation and independent component assembly, it makes for state of the art motorized spindle technology.

When combined with robotic operations, this tool enables a wide range of applications to be operated from a single compact power source. It has been developed to operate on a multitude of different types of robotic systems. With a wide range of applications, including; industrial assembly, aerospace industries, marine applications and general industrial operations, the motorized spindle has found immense support in the industry.

Unlike other mechanical tool actuators, the motorized spindle uses a unique design that offers a large number of advantages in terms of its reliability, robustness and safety. Moreover, the motor is highly versatile and can be designed for any application requiring a smooth spindle motion.

Also known as brushless motor, the motor is highly flexible and delivers high performance and reliability. These superior motors are known to deliver higher power and torque, allowing for increased performance and faster motor response times.

Although this particular type of motor is highly flexible, it is very safe and reliable and can run on batteries, or a permanent power supply (in case of power outage). In addition, the motor is available in a variety of configurations and designs, such as; fixed, variable speed, semi-variable speed and rotary.

The motor is available in two forms; a high-speed motor and a high torque motor. High-speed motors are normally preferred for applications requiring faster and smoother spindle performance while high torque motors are better suited for applications requiring more torque, speed and stability.

For high performance, motorized spindles are available in both full-range and parallel mode. In parallel mode, the motor can provide full speed and torque while in full-range mode, the motor only provides speed and torque, enabling the motor to be used in conjunction with variable speed controllers (VSC’s) which can control the speed and torque of the motor.

Motorized Spindles: High-Performance High-Speed Motors Motor The motor is the main factor that dictates the power output of the motorized spindle. In addition to delivering high-performance, this device requires low maintenance and is available in both standard and fast mode.

High performance and high-speed motorized spindles are generally preferred over lower performance and low-speed counterparts. Although the cost of such a high performance motor can be expensive, it can be more advantageous and cost saving compared to running the motor on batteries or a VSC.