Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the National Science Council of Taiwan and the National Centre for Research and Development of the Republic of Poland-1

The National Science Council of Taiwan and The National Centrefor Research and Development of the Republic of Poland,(hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties ” ), recognizing themutual benefit of scientific and technological cooperation, haveagreed to the following:ARTICLE 1PURPOSEThe main objective of this Agreement shall be to support andpromote bilateral and multilateral scientific and research anddevelopment activities and in particular joint projects betweenTaiwan and Poland and to identify and to endorse existingnational and international programs for supporting jointscientific and research and development projects.The Parties shall support the establishment of a solid basis forcooperation in science and technology, especially in cuttingedge research which shall foster the activities in the areas ofcommon interest along with exercising opportunities given byexisting multilateral programmes and initiatives.ARTICLE 2FORMS OF COOPERATIONThe Parties will support and promote the following collaborativeactivities:(1) Support of activities required to identify the most promising areas of research and development.(2) Joint research projects conducted by eligible entities/researchers of both Parties.(3) Mobility schemes aimed at training of post-doctoral fellows and young scientists.(4) Other cooperative activities mutually agreed.ARTICLE 3IMPLEMENTATION(1) The Parties shall adopt a Work Plan establishing and defining activities and procedures of the cooperation hereunder.(2) The Parties agree to regularly review the progress of cooperation under this Agreement.(3) Meetings will be convened as required and a venue and time agreed between the Parties.(4) Each Party shall appoint a representative to coordinate the execution of its duties hereunder with the other Party and to serve as a contact person for the other Party. Each Party shall nominate or replace its representative by a written notice to the other Party.ARTICLE 4EXPENSESThe cooperative activities shall be on equal basis financiallyin principle and subject to availability of appropriate fundsand the applicable national legislation of the Parties.ARTICLE 5MISCELLANEOUS(1) This Agreement may be amended or supplemented by the written consent of the Parties hereto.(2) Questions and disputes related to the interpretation or implementation of this Agreement shall be settled through consultations between the Parties.ARTICLE 6ENTRY INTO FORCE AND TERMINATIONThis Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by bothParties and shall remain in force for a period of five years. Itshall then be automatically renewed for a subsequent period offive years, unless either of the Parties gives a writtensix-month notice to the other Party to terminate this Agreement.Termination of this Agreement will not affect activities alreadyapproved jointly or in progress under the terms of thisAgreement.IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorizedthereto, have signed this Agreement.Done in Taipei, on December 7, 2012, in duplicate in the Englishlanguage.For the National Science For the National CentreCouncil of Taiwan for Research and Development of the Republic of PolandProfessor Cyrus C.Y. Professor Krzysztof JanCHU Kurzyd.owskMinister Director